Man pages for Hong-Revo/AzureContainers
Interface to 'Container Instances', 'Docker Registry' and 'Kubernetes' in 'Azure'

aciAzure Container Instance class
aci_utilsUtilities for specifying ACI configuration information
acrAzure Container Registry class
aksAzure Kubernetes Service class
aks_poolsUtility function for specifying Kubernetes agent pools
call_dockerCall the docker commandline tool
call_helmCall the Helm commandline tool
call_kubectlCall the Kubernetes commandline tool, kubectl
create_aciCreate Azure Container Instance (ACI)
create_acrCreate Azure Container Registry (ACR)
create_aksCreate Azure Kubernetes Service (AKS)
delete_aciDelete an Azure Container Instance (ACI)
delete_acrDelete an Azure Container Registry (ACR)
delete_aksDelete an Azure Kubernetes Service (AKS)
docker_registryDocker registry class
get_aciGet Azure Container Instance (ACI)
get_acrGet Azure Container Registry (ACR)
get_aksGet Azure Kubernetes Service (AKS)
isUtility functions to test whether an object is of the given...
kubernetes_clusterKubernetes cluster class
list_kubernetes_versionsList available Kubernetes versions
list_vm_sizesList available VM sizes
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