Man pages for Hong-Revo/AzureVM
Virtual Machines in 'Azure'

autoscaler_configAutoscaler configuration
az_vm_resourceVirtual machine resource class
az_vmss_resourceVirtual machine scaleset resource class
az_vmss_templateVirtual machine scaleset (cluster) template class
az_vm_templateVirtual machine template class
build_templateBuild template definition and parameters
create_vmCreate a new virtual machine or scaleset of virtual machines
defunctDefunct methods
delete_vmDelete virtual machine
get_vmGet existing virtual machine(s)
ip_configPublic IP address configuration
is_vmIs an object an Azure VM
lb_configLoad balancer configuration
lb_rulesLoad balancing rules
list_vm_sizesList available VM sizes
nic_configNetwork interface configuration
nsg_configNetwork security group configuration
nsg_rulesNetwork security rules
reexportsObjects exported from other packages
scaleset_optionsVirtual machine scaleset options
vm_configVM configuration functions
vm_resource_configResource configuration functions for a virtual machine...
vmss_configVirtual machine scaleset configuration functions
vnet_configVirtual network configuration
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