Man pages for HughParsonage/grattan
Australian Tax Policy Analysis

age_grouperAge grouper
age_pensionAge pension
age_pension_ageAge of eligibility for the Age Pension
anyGeqAny without logical creation
AnyWhichQuickly verify (and locate) the existence of a breach.
apply_super_caps_and_div293Superannuation caps and Division 293 calculations
aus_pop_qtrAustralia's population
aus_pop_qtr_ageAustralian estimated resident population by age and date
btoBeneficiary tax offset
carer_paymentCarer Payment
carers_allowanceCarers allowance
CG_population_inflatorForecasting capital gains
child_care_subsidyChild Care Subsidy paid per child.
compare_avg_tax_ratesCompare average tax rates by percentile
cpi_inflatorCPI inflator
cpi_inflator_general_dateCPI for general dates
cpi_inflator_quartersCPI inflator when dates are nice
differentially_uprate_wageDifferential uprating
disability_pensionDisability support pension
energy_supplementEnergy supplement
family_tax_benefitFamily tax benefit
gdpGross Domestic Product, Australia
generic_inflatorGeneric inflator
gniGross National Income, Australia
grattan-packageThe grattan package.
income_taxIncome tax payable
income_tax_saptoIncome tax payable as a function of SAPTO
inflatorInflate using a general index
install_taxstatsInstall 'taxstats' files
inverse_average_rateInverse average tax rate
inverse_incomeInverse income tax functions
is.fyConvenience functions for dealing with financial years
lf_inflatorLabour force inflators
litoLow Income Tax Offset
max_super_contr_baseMaximum superannuation contribution base
medicare_levyMedicare levy
MedicareLevyMedicare levy in C++
model_child_care_subsidyModel Child Care Subsidy
model_income_taxModelled Income Tax
model_new_caps_and_div293Modelling superannuation changes
model_rent_assistanceModel Rent Assistance
new_income_taxNew income tax payable Income tax payable with new tax...
new_medicare_levyNew medicare levy
new_saptoSAPTO with user-defined thresholds
newstart_allowanceNewstart allowance
npvFinancial functions
OffsetGeneral offset in C++
pension_supplementPension Supplement
pmax3Threeway parallel maximum
pmaxCParallel maximum
pmaxVParallel maximum
pminCParallel maximum
pminVParallel maximum
progressivityCompute the progressivity
prohibit_length0_vectorsProhibit zero lengths
prohibit_unequal_length_vectorsProhibit unequal length vectors
prohibit_vector_recyclingProhibit vector recycling
projectSimple projections of the annual 2% samples of Australian...
project_toSimple projections of the annual 2% samples of Australian...
rebate_incomeRebate income
reexportsObjects exported from other packages
rent_assistanceRent assistance
require_taxstatsAttach a 'taxstats' package
residential_property_pricesResidential property prices in Australia
revenue_foregoneRevenue foregone from a modelled sample file
saptoSeniors and Pensioner Tax Offset
sapto_rcppSAPTO done in Rcpp
sapto_rcpp_singletonSAPTO singleton
sapto_rcpp_yrSAPTO for specific years in C++
small_business_tax_offsetSmall Business Tax Offset
student_repaymentHELP / HECS repayment amounts
unemployment_benefitUnemployment benefit
validate_dateVerifying validity of dates
validate_fys_permittedVerifying validity of financial years
validate_perValidate per
wage_inflatorInflation using the Wage Price Index.
youth_allowanceYouth allowance
youth_unemploymentYouth unemployment
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