Man pages for HughParsonage/grattanReporter
Parses Grattan Reports, Possibly Creating PDFs also

braces_closes_atBrace closes at
check_CenturyFootnoteCheck location of century footnote
check_consecutive_wordsCheck consecutive typeset words
checkGrattanReportCheck Grattan Report
check_preambleCheck the preamble of a document
check_smallbox_caption_positionsCheck smallboxes intruding on chapter line
check_xrefsCheck cross-references
compress_FrontPageCompress the FrontPage
fix_labelsFix badly-prefixed labels
get_authorsExtract authors from report
grattan_correctly_spelled_wordsList of correctly spelled words
grattan_CORRECTLY_SPELLED_WORDS_CASE_SENSITIVEList of correctly spelled, case-sensitive words
lint_bibTidy bibliography so equals signs align
position_of_stringPosition of strings
replace_LaTeX_argumentReplace contents of LaTeX argument
setup_travisSetup Travis-CI for grattan reports
validate_bibliographyValidate bibliography according Grattan style
word2texConvert word to tex
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