Man pages for HydrosystemsGroup/Weather-Generator
Daily weather generator for performing a climate stress test.

add_trend_monAdd climate trends to a single generated monthly climate...
adjust_daily_additiveAdjust Daily Values by Linear Addition
adjust_daily_gammaAdjust Daily Values by Shifting Gamma Distribution
adjust_daily_to_annualAdjust Daily Values to Match Annual Sums
arima_fit_componentsFit ARIMA Models to Wavelet Components
arima_simulateRun simulation of an arima model
arimas_monteRun Monte Carlo Simulation of Multiple ARIMA Models
arimas_simulateRun simulations of multiple arima models
climateClimate dataset
climate_citiesClimate cities dataset
complete_water_yearsGet Indices of Complete Water Years
gen_month_armaGenerate monthly climate timeseries using ARMA model
gen_month_arma_trendGenerate monthly climate timeseries using ARMA model with...
knn_annualSelect k-Nearest Neighbor for Annual Simulation
knn_dailySelect k-Nearest Neighbor for Given Simulation State
maurerMaurer meterological dataset
maurer_aggregateAggregate monthly timeseries from maurer to annual timesteps
maurer_get_monthRetrieve monthly timeseries for given location from maurer...
mc_adjust_transitionAdjust Markov Chain Transition Matrix
mc_assign_statesAssign Markov States from Precipitation and State Thresholds
mc_fitFit Markov Chain Transition Matrices to State Sequence
mc_simulateRun Markov Chain Simulation
mc_state_equilibriumCompute State Equilibrium Vector of Transition Matrix
mc_state_thresholdDetermine Markov State Thresholds from Precipitation
plot_arimas_monteStatistical Distribution Plot of Monte Carlo ARIMA...
plot_gws_powerGWS Power Spectrum Comparison Plot
save_wgen_to_zipSave weather generator output to zip of csv files
sim_annual_arimaSimulate Annual Timeseries with ARIMA Model
sim_dailyRun Daily Weather Simulation
sim_daily_from_annualDaily Weather Generator Conditioned on Simulated Annual...
sim_mc_knn_dayRun Daily Simulation using KNN/Markov Chain
trends_monAdd multiple climate trends to generated monthly climate...
waterdayGet julian day component by water year of a date-time (aka...
waterday_rangeGet a range of water days around some center value
wavelet_analysisWavelet Analysis of Annual Timeseries
wavelet_componentsReconstruct Wavelet Components from Wavelet Transform
weathergen-packageWeather Generator
wgen_dailyRun Daily Weather Simulation
wyearGet water year component of a date-time
wyear_date_rangeCreate Sequence of Dates by Water Year
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