Man pages for INWT/MariaDB_Monitor
Monitor for MariaDB or MySQL

appConfigload app configuration (schedules, thresholds)
appDataTableTable config
asNumstring to number -> on error na
bufferDatdataset with buffer statistic
bufferReadsclean global vars for buffer pool reads
bufferTotDattotal buffer innodb + tokudb
cleanLogWritesclean global vars for log write statistic
cleanProcListclean process data
cleanVarListclean list of server variables
compressThis function takes a number and returns a compressed string...
configValfuntion to get app configuration value
dbConfigreactive object for database credentials
genSQLCredgenerate SQL-Cedentials
grapes-p0-grapespaste function not space
grapes-p-grapespaste function space
helperBufferWriteCalculate Differences in Timeline-Data
helperDygraphDatdata handling for dygraph
initDbServerinit database server
linkToTabChange href link to href tab-toggle
procMaxscaleget flag maxscale exist from process data
procSlaveServerget flag slave server exist from process data
procToTimeLinemutate process data
promptCnfDatafunction to enter credentials to database server
qry95thPercStmtStatements with Runtime in 95th Percentile
qryErrWarnDataStatements with warnings or errors.
qryEventDataevent Data
qryFlagTokuEngineCheck if TokuDB-Storage-Engine is in use
qryFullTblScanStmtStatements with full table scan
qryHostCacheQuery host cache
qryIdxCardinalityIndex Cardinality
qryIdxDataunsused Indexes
qryIdxNullableIndex with null values
qryInnoDBStatusInnoDB Status
qryMaxInfoQuery maxscale user
qryServStatDataGeneral Server-Status
qryStmtAnalysisStatement Analysis
qryTmpDiscTblStmtStatements with tmp_disk_tables
qryUserStatUser Statistic
queryDBfunction to query mariadb
reexportsObjects exported from other packages
reloadBySchedulereload data by schedule
serverValfuntion to get server variable value
serverValNumfuntion to get server variable numeric value
startApplicationStart Application
transformThousendsVars for transformation for thousend (10000 -> 10 000)
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