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Forecasting Age-Sex-Country-Cause Mortality Rates

array.yourcastArray generation tool for YourCast
chp.11.1Respiratory infections, Belize
chp.11.10Breast cancer, Chile, Cuba, Belgium, and the Netherlands
chp.11.11Transportation Accidents, Argentina and Chile
chp.11.12Transportation Accidents, Argentina
chp.11.13Transportation Accidents, Argentina, Chile, Canada, Colombia,...
chp.11.2Respiratory infections, Bulgaria
chp.11.3Respiratory infections, Bulgaria
chp.11.4Lung Cancer, Peru
chp.11.5Lung Cancer, Trinidad and Tobago and Ukraine
chp.11.7.1Lung Cancer, 51 countries
chp.11.7.2Lung Cancer, Peru
chp.11.8.1Lung Cancer, 51 countries
chp.11.8.2Lung Cancer, Ukraine
chp.11.8.3Lung Cancer, Trinidad and Tobago
chp.11.9.1Breast Cancer, 43 countries
chp.11.9.2Breast Cancer, Croatia
chp.2.6.1All causes of death, New Zealand and Hungary
chp.2.6.2Transportation accidents (males), Portugal
chp.2.7.1Suicide deaths (male), USA
chp.2.7.2Female digestive disease, Hungary
chp.2.7.3Female cervix cancer, United Kingdom
histographHistograms for model ebayes
lifetableLife table calculation for YourCast
plot.yourcastPlot generation tool for YourCast
print.summary.yourcastPrint method for yourcast summary output
print.yourcastPrint method for yourcast output
print.yourprepPrint method for yourprep output
summary.yourcastSummarize yourcast output
user.promptScan user input
yourcastTime-series cross-sectional Forecasting
yourprepData object creation wizard for YourCast
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