Man pages for IQSS/Zelig4
Everyone's Statistical Software

alphaExtract ancillary parameters from 'parameters' objects
approvalU.S. Presidential Approval Data
as.bootlistConvert of Vector of Bootstrapped Parameters to a List-style...
as.bootvectorConvert Boot Object to a Vector a 'setx' Object into a 'data.frame'
as.descriptionGeneric Method for Casting 'description' Objects
as.description.descriptiondescription -> description
as.description.listlist -> description
as.matrix.pooled.setxConvert a "pooled.setx" Object to a Matrix
as.matrix.setxConvert a 'setx' Object to a Matrix
as.parametersGeneric Method for Converting Objects into 'parameters'
as.parameters.default??? -> parameters
as.parameters.listlist -> parameters
as.parameters.parametersparameters -> parameters This is merely an identity function...
as.qiGeneric Method for Converting Various Objects into 'qi'...
as.qi.default??? -> qi
as.qi.listlist -> qi This function has a lot of room to go wrong. It...
as.qi.qiqi -> qi
as.summarizedGeneric Method for Casting Objectst as 'summarized' Objects
as.summarized.listlist -> summarized.qi Convert a list into a "summarized.qi"...
as.summarized.summarized.qisummarized.qi -> summarized.qi
attach.envAttach Variables to a Function
bivariateSample data for bivariate probit regression
bootfn.defaultDefault Boot-strapping procedure
bootstrapGeneric Method for "bootstrap"
bootstrap.defaultProduce Boot-strapped Parameters for a Statistical Model
bootstrap.gammaBootstrap Parameters for Zelig "gamma" GLM
bootstrap.negbinomBootstrap Parameters for Zelig "negbinom" GLM
bootstrap.normalBootstrap Parameters for Zelig "normal" GLM
callToStringConvert 'call' Object to a String
citeCitation information for a 'description' object
cluster.formulaGenerate Formulae that Consider Clustering
coalitionCoalition Dissolution in Parliamentary Democracies
coalition2Coalition Dissolution in Parliamentary Democracies, Modified...
coef.parametersReturn Simulations of Parameter Coefficients
combineProduce All Combinations of a Set of Lists
constructDataFrameConstruct Data Frame Construct and return a tiny (single-row)...
constructDesignMatrixConstruct Design Matrix from Construct and return a design...
depends.on.zeligWhether a Statistical Package Depends on the Zelig Software...
describeMethod to describe a model to Zelig
describe.defaultDefault describe function for an arbitrary model This method...
describe.expDescribe a "exp" model to Zelig
describe.gammaDescribe the 'gamma' model to Zelig
describe.logitDescribe a 'logit' model to Zelig
describe.lsDescribe a 'ls' model to Zelig
describe.negbinomDescribe the 'negbinom' model to Zelig
describe.normalDescribe the 'normal' model to Zelig
describe.poissonDescribe the 'poisson' model to Zelig
describe.probitDescribe the 'probit' model to Zelig
describe.tobitDescribe a "tobit" model to Zelig
describe.zeligGet Description Object Used to Cite this Zelig Model
descriptionConstructor for the 'description' class
eidatSimulation Data for Ecological Inference
find.matchFind a Partial or Exact Match from a Vector of Strings...
free1Freedom of Speech Data
free2Freedom of Speech Data
friendshipSimulated Example of Schoolchildren Friendship Network
GetObjectExtract the fitted model object from the Zelig object
get.packageFind the Zelig package that a particular model belong to
getPredictorTermsGet Predictor Terms from Zelig-style Formulae
getResponseTermsGet Response Terms from a Zelig-style Formula
getResponseTerms.formulaGet Response Terms from a Standard Formula
getResponseTerms.Formula-not-formulaGet Response Terms from a "Formula" Object
getResponseTerms.listGet Response Terms from a List-style Formula
GetSlotGeneric method for extracting variables from both S3 and S4...
GetSlot.zeligReturn a Value from a 'zelig' Fitted Model
grunfeldSimulation Data for model Seemingly Unrelated Regression...
has.zelig2Whether an Arbitrary R-package has a Zelig2 Function within...
help.zeligHelp system for Zelig models
hoffSocial Security Expenditure Data
homerunSample Data on Home Runs Hit By Mark McGwire and Sammy Sosa...
ignoreConstructor for the 'ignore' class This class is included for...
immigrationIndividual Preferences Over Immigration Policy
is.formulaWhether an Object is a Formula
is.qiTest If Value is Interpretable as a QI
is.valid.qi.listCheck If Object Is a List of Valid Quantities of Interest
is.zelig.compliantWhether a R-Package Contains a 'Yes' in its DESCRIPTION...
is.zelig.packageWether an Installed R-Pack Depends on Zelig
kleinSimulation Data for model Two-Stage Least Square (twosls)...
kmentaSimulation Data for model Three-Stage Least Square (threesls)...
linkMethod for extracting the link function from 'parameters'...
linkinvMethod for extracting the inverse link function from...
list.depthCount the Depth of a List Object
list.zelig.dependent.packagesGet a List of Packages Installed on the Current Machine that...
list.zelig.modelsList Zelig Models Installed on the Current Machine
loadDependenciesLoad External Dependencies Safely and Dynamically
macroMacroeconomic Data
makeModelMatrixMake a Model Matrix from a Zelig-Style Formula
make.parameters??? For use with cmvglm
makeZeligObjectMake an Individual Zelig Object
MatchIt.urlTable of links for Zelig
MaxCompute the Maximum Value of a Vector
MCMChookHook to Clean-up MCMC Objects
McmcHookFactorHook to Clean-up MCMC Factor Object
MedianCompute the Statistical Median of a Vector
mexicoVoting Data from the 1988 Mexican Presidental Election
miBundle Data-sets for Multiple Imputation
midMilitarized Interstate Disputes
MinCompute the Minumum Value of a Vector
mixProduce All Combinations of a Set of Lists
ModeCompute the Statistical Mode of a Vector
model.frame.multipleCreate Model Frame from 'multiple' Object
model.matrix.multipleCreate Design Matrix of a 'multiple' Object
model.matrix.parseFormulaConstruct Design Matrix from a Parsed, Zelig-style Formula
name.objectName Elements of an Object
names.qiThe Names of a 'qi' Object
newpaintersThe Discretized Painter's Data of de Piles
paramGeneric Method for Simulating Ancillary/Auxillary Parameters...
param.defaultDefault Method for "param"
parametersConstructor for 'parameters' class
param.expParam Method for the 'exp' Zelig Model
param.gammaparam method for the 'gamma' Zelig model
param.logitParam Method for the 'logit' Zelig Model
param.lsParam Method for the 'ls' Zelig Model
param.negbinomParam Method for the 'negbinom' Zelig Model
param.normalParam Method for the 'normal' Zelig Model
param.poissonParam Method for the 'poisson' Zelig Model
param.probitParam Method for the 'probit' Zelig Model
param.relogitEstimate Parameters for the "relogit" Zelig Mdoel
param.relogit2Estimate Parameters for the "relogit" Zelig Mdoel
param.tobitParam Method for the 'tobit' Zelig Model
parse.formulaParse Formulas for Zelig Models
parseFormulaParse Zelig-style Formulae
parseFormula.formulaParse "Formula"-style Zelig Formulae
parseFormula.listParse List-Style Zelig Formulae
PEriskPolitical Economic Risk Data from 62 Countries in 1987
plot.ciMethod for plotting pooled simulations by confidence...
plot.MI.simPlot graphs of simulated multiply-imputed data
plot.pooled.simMethod for plotting pooled simulations by confidence...
plot.simMethod for plotting simulations
plot.simulationsPlot Any Simulation from the Zelig Core Package
print.qiPrint a Quantity of Interest in Human-Readable Form
print.qi.summarizedPrint Method for Summarized Quantities of Interest
print.setxPrint values of 'setx' objects
print.setx.miPrint a Bundle of Data-sets
print.simPrint values of 'sim' objects
print.summary.MCMCZeligPrint a Summary MCMCZelig Object
print.summary.pooled.simPrint a Summary of a Set of Pooled Simulated Interests
print.summary.relogitPrint Summary of a Rare-event Logistic Model
print.summary.relogit2Print Summary of a Rare-event Logistic Model
print.summary.simPrint Values of a Summarized "sim" Object
print.summarySim.MIPrint Multiply Imputed Simulations Summary
print.zeligPrint values of "zelig" objects
qiGeneric Method for Computing Quantities of Interest
qi.expCompute quantities of interest for 'exp' Zelig models
qi.summarizeConstructor for QI Summarized Class This class takes an...
reduceMIReduce MI Formulas Take a formula in any of the reduced form...
relogitFit a rare-event logistic model in Zelig
replGeneric Method for Replicating Data
replace.callHook to Update the Zelig Call with the Appropriate Call...
repl.defaultDefault Method for Replicating Statistics
repl.simMethod for Replicating Simulated Quantities of Interest
robust.gee.hookClassify Fitted Object as Naive or Robust
robust.glm.hookHook for "glm" Models in Zelig
rocplotReceiver Operator Characteristic Plots
sanctionMultilateral Economic Sanctions
setxSetting Explanatory Variable Values
setx.defaultSet explanatory variables
setx.MISet Explanatory Variables for Multiply Imputed Data-sets This...
simGeneric Method for Computing and Organizing Simulated...
sim.defaultMethod for Simulating Quantities of Interest wrom 'zelig'...
sim.MISimulate Multiply Imputed Data
simulation.matrixGet Simulations as a Matrix
simulations.parametersReturn Simulations of Parameter Coefficients
simulations.plotPlot Quantities of Interest in a Zelig-fashion
sna.exSimulated Example of Social Network Data
special_print_LISTMethod for Printing Summarized QI's in a List Form
special_print_MATRIXMethod for Printing Summarized QI's in a Matrix Form
spectestUtility function for null hypothesis tests on Zelig model...
splitUpSplit a List into Two Lists This functions takes any list,...
store.objectStore Object in Environment with a Fake Name
structuralToReducedTransform the Multilevel's Structural Formulas Into Reduced...
summarizeGeneric methonf for summarizing simualted quantities of...
summarize.defaultSummarize Simualted Quantities of Interest
summary.glm.robustSummary of Generalized Linear Model with Robust Error...
summary.MISummarry of Multiply Imputed Statistical Models
summary.MI.simMethod for summarizing simulations of multiply imputed...
summary.pooled.simReturn a Summary of a Set of Pooled Simulated Interests
summary.relogitSummary for "Relogit" Fitted Model
summary.Relogit2Summary for "Relogit2" Fitted Model
summary.simMethod for summarizing simulations of quantities of interest
summary.zeligZelig Object Summaries
SupremeCourtU.S. Supreme Court Vote Matrix
swissSwiss Fertility and Socioeconomic Indicators (1888) Data
table.levelsCreate a table, but ensure that the correct columns exist. In...
termsFromFormulaExtract Terms from Zelig-style Formulae
terms.multipleExtract Terms from a 'multiple' Object
terms.vglmModel Terms for 'vglm' Models
terms.zeligModel Terms for a Zelig Object
TexCiteGet a TeX-style Citation
tobinTobin's Tobit Data
toBuildFormulaBuild Formula ???
tolmerFormatConvert a Formula into 'lmer' Representation from Reduced...
t.setxMatrix Transpose of a "setx" Object
turnoutTurnout Data Set from the National Election Survey
ucfirstUppercase First Letter of a String
user.promptPrompt User
voteincomeSample Turnout and Demographic Data from the 2000 Current...
Weimar1932 Weimar election data
zReturn value for a zelig2-function
zeligEstimating a Statistical Model
zelig2Interface Between Zelig Models and External Functions
zelig2-bayesZelig Bridge Functions to Bayesian Models
zelig2-coreZelig to Basic GLM Fitting Functions
zelig2-geeBridge between Zelig and the GEE Model Fitting Functions
zelig2-surveyInterface between 'Zelig' and 'svyglm'
zeligBuildSplineDeveloper Utility Function for Adding Simple Cubic Splines to...
zeligBuildWeightsDeveloper Utility Function for Dealing with Observation...
zelig.callCreate Function Call
ZeligDescribeModelProduce a 'description' Object from the Name of a Model
ZeligListModelsGet a Character-Vector of All Models with a 'zelig2' Function
ZeligListTitlesList the Titles of the Zelig Statistical Models
Zelig-packageZelig Everyone's Statistical Software
zelig.skeletonCreates a Skeleton for a New Zelig package
Zelig.urlTable of links for Zelig
zwhatUtility function for counterfactual predictions using Zelig...
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