Man pages for IRSN/RobustInv
"Robust inversion of expensive black-box functions"

allverticesVertices of an hypercube
b2_l_kinf_cx_hxDataset for computing keff
branin_robinvBranin function with additional nuisance parameters
EGRIEfficient Global Robust Inversion
fast_suroptinvFast C++ computation of the surnew criterion
generate_knotsGenerating the knots used in a km call
get_pn_and_simulateExcursion probability through conditional simulations
integration_design_robinvConstructing a set of integration and simulation points in...
keff3d test function computing a k-effective in nuclear safety
max_surnew_robinvOptimization of the surnew criterion
optim_pn_MCMaximizing excursion probabilities by sampling uniformly...
picksimulationpoints_weightedPIChoosing simulation points to maximize an exceedance...
plotColComparing Colors
print_robinv_uncertainty_1dExcursion probability and maximum kriging mean plot in 1d
print_robinv_uncertainty_2dExcursion probability and maximum kriging mean plot in 2d
RobustInvRobustInv - Robust Inversion of Expensive Black-box functions
simulate_multi_kmIndependent simulations in several batches of points
surnew_optim_robinv_fastThe surnew criterion in robust inversion
transludeUsing transparence to modify colors
unscalingFunUnscaling function applied to all the dimensions
unscalingFun1dUnscaling in one dimension
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