Man pages for ISAAKiel/shapAAR

active_contourEvolves an active contour
add_canvasAdd canvas to an image
contour_vector_bgGet the profile contour by the last background pixel
contour_vector_fgGet the profile contour by the first foreground pixel
crop_bottomCrop the image of a ceramic vessels to its lowest corner...
crop_topCrop the image of a ceramic vessels to its top corner points
curvatureCalculate the curvature of a active contour phi
default_phiReturn the initial phi surface for active contour
divCalculate the divergence of two gradient derivatives
dotSum the Product of list of matrixes
get_bottom_pointsGet the bottom break points of a ceramic vessels
get_cornerReturns the break point of a vessel contour from one of its...
getMinBBoxMinimum-Area Bounding Box For A Set Of 2D-Points
get_top_pointsGet the top break points of a ceramic vessels
gradCalculate the central difference (derivative) gradients (x,y)...
grad1_cA simple script to get the central difference gradient of a...
img_crop_backgroundCrop the image to content
normCalculate the euclidian norm of two matrices
profile_to_imageTurns a contour into an image again
simple_edge_detectionA simple edge detection using the image derivatives
stopping_funStopping function for the active contour algorithm
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