Man pages for ISCN/SOCDRaHR2
Scripts to read in and harmonize different digital soil data archives

formatLongTableConvert to internal data format
ISCN3Load ISCN Layer and Meta data
ISCN3_3International Soil Carbon Network vs 3.3
ISCN4Read in two data sets queued in for data processing for...
ISCN5Read in new ISCN5 contributions
ISCN_key_listList of data model dictionaries
makeKeysTranslational keys for datasets
readBuell2011Raw read for USGS_S3C (2011)
readCanandaUplandForest2018Raw read for Canadian upland soils (2018)
readCPEATCPEAT project reads
readISRaDRead ISRaD contribution down to the layer level.
readKane2004Raw Read for data corresponding to the Kane dataset
readKeyedDataSimple read-in for small datasets
readMyersSmith2005Raw read for Myers-Smith (2005)
readSchuur2009Raw Read for data corresponding to the Schuur dataset
readUSGSHarden2008Raw Read for data corresponding to the USGS_Harden dataset
soilDepthAvgToBoundTitle of function here
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