An R package that loads all other public STRIPS data sets.


Installation of this package requires the devtools package. If not already installed, use


To install this package, use


R packages included by this package

A number of other R packages are automatically loaded when this R package is loaded. This packages can all be found on the organization page.

Adding new publicly available R data packages

The newly available data should be in an R package, e.g. STRIPSMeta. Ideally, this package is a git repository under the ISU-STRIPS organization on github.

To have that data immediately available to users, please

  1. Add the package to DESCRIPTION in both the Imports: and Remotes: sections.
  2. In R/STRIPS.R documentation, add the package to
    • @import
    • @section STRIPS packages: (as a link)
    • @seealso (as a link)

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