Man pages for ITSLeeds/roadworksUK
Accessing Processing and Visualising Data on UK Roadworks

highway_authoritiesHighway authorities
htdd_ashfordEtON roadworks data (raw HTDD logs from Elgin)
msoa_ashfordmsoa boundary data for ashford
pipePipe operator
road_statsRoad statistics for HAs
rw_cleanclean roadworks data
rw_clean_pointsClean Spatial Part of the HDDT Data
rw_import_elgin_batchBulk Import Elgin road works data
rw_import_elgin_edImport Elgin ED road works data
rw_import_elgin_htddImport Elgin HDDT road works data
rw_import_elgin_restrictionsImport Elgin Restrictions road works data
rw_import_elgin_ttvddImport Elgin TTVDD road works data
rw_import_OSMMFunction TO Read in OS MasterMap map GML
rw_import_scotImport Scottish road works data
rw_mapCreate a static map of htdd data
rw_map_interactiveCreate an interactive map of htdd data
rw_points_to_regionMatch Points to Regions
rw_specView specification documents
rw_spec_scottishScottish road works spec
spec_urlsURLs pointing to roadworks data spec from Elgin
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