Man pages for IlanaL1/utility.forecast
What the package does (short line)

checkXregCheck validity of input variables
colon-fill_missing_dates_xregInterpolate missing dates and fill in values
data_frame_selectSelect subset of data.
fill_missing_dates_timeseriesInterpolate missing dates in timeseries and insert associated...
get_horizon_datesReturns dates for a specified horizon
get_horizon_start_endgets start and end dates for horizon
get_train_start_endgets start and end dates for input dates
guess_periodEstimate spacing between date points
is.wholenumberfill in later
Mean_APE_functionMean Average Percentage Error
sort_data_frame_by_datesort data frame by date
type_to_annual_freqconvert type to annual frequency
type_to_descripConvert spacing type to a description
type_to_short_freqConvert type to short frequency
utility.forecast-packageutility functions
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