Man pages for InsightRX/json2test
Run R package tests specified in JSON

as.numConvert to numeric from factors and character
assertAssertions with a message
convert_str_to_objInternal function used for testing
get_nested_valueGet nested value from a list
has_messageCheck if an R expression produces warnings or errors
json_testWrapper function to run tests and compare with reference
json_test_allRun all JSON tests included with package
parse_argParse arguments Taken from opencpu, to remove dependencies...
parse_json_testSafely parse JSON to R object
print_test_infoPrint some info on number of tests per function
print_test_reportPrint test result collector
reset_test_reportReset test result collector
start_testsReset test result collector
test_pkgRun the tests of a package in its namespace
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