Man pages for InstitutoInvestigacionesEconomicasPUCE/geortsBeta
Reconstruction of Geographical Time Series

geoRtsGeo-reconstruction of Time Series
helloHello, World!
positions.RTS0Positions of nwe time series
positions.TS0Positions of original time series
rts_cleanCleanning Function for Time Series
rts_data_exampleData Example for GeoRTS (Geo-reconstruction of Time Series)
rts_distribEmpirical Distribution Function
rts_hull_gridCreate a hull grid of points
rts_map_pointMap representation of Geographical Time Series
rts_map_rasterMap representation of Geographical Time Series (on a grid)
rts_plotPlot of Time Series
rts_plotCleanPlot of Cleaned and original Time Series
rts_plotGroupPlot of Time Series
rts_simuSimulation based on observations of a random variable
TS0Original Time Series
weights.TS0Weights of original time series
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