Man pages for InternationalRiceResearchInstitute/pedX

calcEqCgThe number of equivalent complete generations for several...
calcNeicalculate Nei
cnGMSSetting the connection
F1inbredF1inbred Function to identify the inbreedign coefficent of...
fancyPCAfancyPCA function for plotting interactive PCA
get1Genget1Gen Function for getting one generation of a pedigree
getallGengetallGen function for getting all generations of a pedigree
getallGidsget1Gen Function for getting all gids associated with a name
getallNamesget1Gen Function for getting all gids associated with a name
getCOPgetCOP Function for getting a sparse relationship (COP)...
getCOPgalaxyGet pedigree relationship matrix
getF1getF1 function to get gid of the nearest f1 cross
getMgidgetMgid Function for getting the last gid resulting from a...
getPrntsgetPrnts Function to get parents of an individaul
gidMaxgidMax Function to identify the most commonly used gid
inDatabaseinDatabase Function to check if something is in the database
kinNekinNe Function for calculating Ne using a kinship matrix
ModeMode Function for finding the most frequent value in a vector
plotPCAplotPCA function for making a two-paneled pca plot
sampleSelectSample selection function for selecting representative...
tracePedg1tracePedg1 function for tracing one generation of a pedigree
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