Man pages for Ironholds/WikipediR
A MediaWiki API Wrapper

categories_in_pageRetrieves categories associated with a page.
create_pagewikimedia api page creation (single pages) helper function to...
create_pageswikimedia api page creation Create pages or category-pages on...
get_action_tokenrequest token for api action as signed in user
get_prelogin_tokenrequest token to start client login
loginwikimedia api user login
page_backlinksRetrieve a page's backlinks
page_contentRetrieves MediaWiki page content
page_external_linksRetrieve a page's links
page_infoRetrieve information about a particular page
page_linksRetrieve a page's links
pages_in_categoryRetrieves a list of category members.
querybase query function
random_pageRetrieve the page content of a random MediaWiki page
recent_changesRetrieves entries from the RecentChanges feed
revision_contentRetrieves MediaWiki revisions
revision_diffGenerates a "diff" between a pair of revisions
user_contributionsRetrieve user contributions
user_informationRetrieve user information
WikipediRA client library for MediaWiki's API
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