Man pages for Ironholds/urltools
Vectorised Tools for URL Handling and Parsing

credsGet or remove user authentication credentials
domainGet or set a URL's domain
encoderEncode or decode a URI
fragmentGet or set a URL's fragment
host_extractExtract hosts
parametersGet or set a URL's parameters
param_getget the values of a URL's parameters
param_removeRemove key-value pairs from query strings
param_setSet the value associated with a parameter in a URL's query.
pathGet or set a URL's path
portGet or set a URL's port
punyEncode or Decode Internationalised Domains
schemeGet or set a URL's scheme
suffix_datasetDataset of public suffixes
suffix_extractextract the suffix from domain names
suffix_refreshRetrieve a public suffix dataset
tld_datasetDataset of top-level domains (TLDs)
tld_extractExtract TLDs
tld_refreshRetrieve a TLD dataset
url_composeRecompose Parsed URLs
url_parsesplit URLs into their component parts
urltoolsTools for handling URLs
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