read_aws: read Amazon CloudFront access logs

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Amazon CloudFront uses access logs with a standard format described on their website. read_aws reads these files in; due to the Amazon treatment of header lines, it is capable of organically detecting whether files lack common fields, and compensating for that. See "Details"





the full path to the AWS file you want to read.


Amazon CloudFront uses tab-separated files with Amazon-specific fields. This can be changed by individual CloudFront users, however, to exclude particular fields, and historically has contained fewer fields than it now does. Luckily, Amazon's insistence on standardisation in field names means that we can organically detect if fields are missing, and compensate for that before reading in the file.

If no fields are missing, the fields returned will be:

See Also

read_s3, for Amazon S3 files, read_clf for the Common Log Format, read_squid and read_combined.


#Read in an example CloudFront file provided with the webreadr package.
data <- read_aws(system.file("extdata/", package = "webreadr"))

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