Man pages for IronistM/googleTagManageR
Interact with the Google Tag Manager API

cat0if argument is NULL, no line output
checkPrefixcheck it starts with ga: and if not puts it on
error.messageGet the error message
expect_null_or_s3_classExpect NULL or class (s3)
expect_null_or_typeExpect NULL or type
gtm_accountGets a GTM Account.
gtm_accounts_listGet GTM account list
gtm_authAuthenticate with Google Analytics OAuth2. Ported AS IS from...
gtm_containerGet a GTM account's Container detail
gtm_containers_listGet containers list
gtm_container_versionsGet a GTM account's Container version detail
gtm_enviroments_listGet enviroments list
gtm_tagGet tags list
gtm_tags_listGet tags list
gtm_triggerGet a triggers details
gtm_triggers_listGet triggers list
gtm_variables_listGet variables list
is.errorIs this a try error?
is.NullObA helper function that tests whether an object is either NULL...
listNameToDFColAdd name of list entry of dataframe to dataframe colum
myMessageCustom message log level
reexportsObjects exported from other packages
rmNullObsRecursively step down into list, removing all such objects
timestamp_to_rTimestamp to R date
unitToListAllow unit lists
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