Man pages for IshmaelBelghazi/bigoptim
Efficient Large Scale Convex Finite Sums Optimization

coef.SAGModel's weights Returns the model's weights for each...
coef.SAG_fitModel's weights Returns the model's weights.
get_approx_grad.SAG_fitget approximate gradient Returns the models approximate...
get_cost.SAGModel's cost Returns the model's true cost for each specified...
get_cost.SAG_fitModel's costs Returns the model's true cost.
get_grad.SAGModel's gradients Returns gradients of model for each lambda.
get_grad.SAG_fitModel's gradient Returns the model's true gradient.
GlmnetExamplesGlmnetExamples Adapted from GLMNET
make_c_lossMake user supplied C loss and gradient
mini.covtype.libsvmmini.covtype.libsvm Random sample of 3000 points from...
sagStochastic Average Gradient with warm-starting
sag_fitStochastic Average Gradient
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