Man pages for J0vid/Jovid
Many things, good and bad

angleCalculates angle between 2 vectors
array2rowConverts arrays to row formats for 2D data
array2row3dConverts arrays to row formats for 3D data
array.meanConverts array mean into a matrix
can.varCVA from julian claude's book
csizeCalculates centroid size
DO.rQTLrQTL in the DO
helloHello, World!
is.evenChecks if a number is even
lmGlsCalculates least squares from DOQTL
manhattan.plotmanhattan plots
mean.shapeCalculates mean shape
ModeCalculates the mode
plsPLS from julian claude's book
procdistCalculates procrustes distance for row format
procdist.arrayCalculates procrustes distance for array format
read.tpsread TPS files
rotate.coordsCalculates where LMs end up for a given rotation
row2arrayConverts row formats to array format for 2D data
row2array3dConverts row formats to array format for 3D data
scanOne.rQTLscanone rqtl
tps2arrayConverts tps imports to array format
tps2rowConverts tps files to row format
tri.surfWrapper for Delaunay triangulation function
W.invCalculates weighted inverse from DOQTL
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