Man pages for JBLecomte/JBUtilities

cb.palColor blind platte
compute.min_mean_sd_maxfunction for computing mean, DS, max and min values
compute.q025_q25_q50_q75_q975define the summary function
conv_ISPTM_LongLat# Fonction de conversion d'un format ddmm.m en degr?s...
cov.stdStandardize a continuous covariates
cov.std.gridStandardize the continuous covariates of the grid based on...
extract.plot.legendExtract a legend from a ggplot object Extract a legend from a...
fill.NA.gapsFill NA values with previous value in a vector
InstallPackagesInstall package if not present
list_plotterFunction to plot palette within a list
LongLatToNAD83Convert Long Lat to NAD83
NAD83ToLongLatConvert NAD83 to Long Lat
plot_MCMC_diagFunction to make mcmc diag plots from a data.frame
round.dfRound numeric values of a data.frame
save.plotSave a ggplot2 plot Save plot with specific needs i.e. plot...
simple.ggplot2.themeMy simple ggplot2 theme
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