Man pages for JBrenn/Helper4me

colorRampAlphacolor ramp palette with transparency
errormeasbundle of error measures
help_2EVEAllocate path to root directories at EVE server.
help_aggrLEAggregate latent heat data.
help_aggrPAggregate precipitation data.
help_aggrTAggregate air temperature data.
help_gdal_polygonizeRrasters into shape.
help_loadCarboEULoad CarboEurope station data.
help_ncaddprojAdd projected coordinates to netCDF.
help_ncaddxyAdd projected coordinates to netCDF.
help_nearestNeighbourIntNearest neighbour interpolation.
help_parseDateTimeparse to Date or Date.Time objects.
help_plotNClayerplot single layer netCDF.
help_ts2netcdfCreate netCDF from zoo time series object.
help_updateGITlibUpdate GitHub library.
help_zooAggregationAggregation for zoo object with chron datetime...
normalize_vmin-max normalization
rotatedAxisElementTextReturn Element Text Object
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