Man pages for JGCRI/GCAM-LAC-dashboard
An Interactive Dashboard for Exploring GCAM Scenario Data

barPlotScaleSelect a suitable color palette for time series bar plots
barPlotThemeThe theme for bar plots on the dashboard
cleanPlotDataFilter out data that cannot be plotted
convertProjectToLongformConvert all queries in the project from wideform to long form
convertToWideformConvert a data frame to wideform
countUniqueSubcatValuesCounts the number of unique values for a query subcategory
default.plotPlot a default panel
determineMapsetFigure out which map to plot a query on.
filterPlotDataFilter out data that should not be plotted
gcamlacdash-packageAn Interactive Dashboard for Exploring GCAM Scenario Data
getMapLimitsSelect suitable scale limits for a plot
getMapPaletteSelect a suitable color palette for map plots
getMapParamsGet projection parameters for the pre-defined projections
getNewSubcategoryGet the subcategory to show for a new query
getPlotDataExtract and format data for a plot
getProjectScenariosGet the scenarios in the project for display
getQuerySubcategoriesGet the subcategories for a query
getQueryYearsGet the years for which a query is defined
getScenarioQueriesGet the queries for a project and scenario(s) for display
isGridIndicate whether a query is a gridded data set
plotMapPlot GCAM data on a global or regional map
plotScenComparisonPlot values over time as a bar chart
plotTimePlot values over time as a bar chart
rgnlistsRegion lists by continent
runRun the GCAM-LAC dashboard
summarize.unitSummarize the unit column of a GCAM data frame by taking the...
uiStateValidIndicate whether the UI is in an obviously invalid state.
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