Man pages for JGCRI/GCAM-dashboard
An Interactive Dashboard for Exploring GCAM Scenario Data

default.plotPlot a default panel
determineMapsetFigure out which map to plot a query on.
GCAMdashboard-packageAn Interactive Dashboard for Exploring GCAM Scenario Data
getMapLimitsSelect suitable scale limits for a plot
getMapPaletteSelect a suitable color palette
getMapParamsGet projection parameters for the pre-defined projections
getPlotDataExtract and format data for a plot
getProjectNameGet the name of the project for display
getProjectScenariosGet the scenarios in the project for display
getQueryYearsGet the years for which a query is defined
getScenarioQueriesGet the queries for a project and scenario(s) for display
isGridIndicate whether a query is a gridded data set
plotMapPlot GCAM data on a global or regional map
plotTimePlot values over time as a bar chart
rgnlistsRegion lists by continent
runRun the GCAM dashboard
summarize.unitSummarize the unit column of a GCAM data frame by taking the...
uiStateValidIndicate whether the UI is in an obviously invalid state.
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