energy_weekly: Weekly petroleum and gas consumption

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This data is organized by economic year, quarter and week. All values have been standardized.


Data frame with 6 columns


Year of the economic quarter. Because economic quarters are deemed to begin and end on week boundaries, this may not correspond exactly to the calendar year for the data.


Economic quarter.


Week within the quarter. The number of weeks in a quarter varies a bit (usually it's 13 or 14). Only weeks that exist for a quarter are included in the dataset.


Petroleum product consumption for the week. Given as a standardized value.


Natural gas consumption in certain product categories (see details) for the week. Given as a standardized value.


Dataset the quarter was originally assigned to (training, dev, or test)


Natural gas consumption is given only for the categories 'Industrial Consumption', 'Lease and Plant Fuel Consumption', and 'Pipeline & Distribution Use'. Specifically, natural gas for electrical generation is excluded because it would be redundant with the electicity data, and residential use is excluded because it is primarily temperature driven.

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