Man pages for JGCRI/fldgen
Generate Temperature Fields with Spatial and Temporal Correlation

c.griddatac operator for griddata objects
concatGridsConcatenate a list of griddata objects
eof_analyzePerform EOF analysis on residuals
flatten_tagsFlatten a list of tags, restoring their start/end rows
fld2dfReorganize a spatial field into a data frame
fldgen_objectCreate a 'fldgen' object from constituent parts
fldgen-packageGenerate temperature fields with spatial and temporal...
mkcorrtsMake time series with specified autocorrelation properties
phase_eqn_coefGenerate the coefficients in the equations that determine the...
plot_fieldPlot a single field in matrix form
pscl_applyGenerate a mean field from a pattern and an input temperature...
psdestEstimate the power spectral density from a list of ESM runs
read.temperaturesRead ESM temperature data
readtgavRead and format global mean temperature
reconst_fieldsReconstitute temperature fields
saving_and_restoringLoad and save emulator training data
split_eofSplit an EOF structure made of multiple time series into a...
splitGridsSplit a concatenated griddata object into its constituent...
trainTrain the emulator on a set of input ESM data.
write.temperatureWrite a temperature field as a netcdf file.
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