Man pages for JGCRI/fldgen
Generate Temperature Fields with Spatial and Temporal Correlation

add_NAsAdd the NA grid cells that may have been removed during the...
c.griddatac operator for griddata objects
characterize.emp.distCharacterize empirical distributions
chkinverseCheck if two functions are inverses of one another over a...
concatGridsConcatenate a list of griddata objects
concatGrids.generalConcatenate a list of griddata objects
coord_arrayConvert lat/lon coordinates to a coordinate array
drop_NAsRemove NA grid cells from processing in the emulator training...
eof_analyzePerform EOF analysis on residuals
extract_boxCreate an operator to extract grid cells from a field by...
file.pairerPair temperature and precipitation (or any other variable)...
flatten_tagsFlatten a list of tags, restoring their start/end rows
fld2dfReorganize a spatial field into a data frame
fldgen_objectCreate a 'fldgen' object from constituent parts
fldgen_object_TPCreate a 'fldgen' object from constituent parts
fldgen-packageClimate variable field generator with internal variability...
generate.TP.fullgridsUsing a trained emulator, generate new full fields.
generate.TP.residsUsing a trained emulator, generate new fields of residuals.
mkcorrtsMake time series with specified autocorrelation properties
normalize.residsNormalize residuals
phase_eqn_coefGenerate the coefficients in the equations that determine the...
pscl_analyzeRun pattern scaling analysis on the input temperature fields
pscl_applyGenerate a mean field from a pattern and an input temperature...
psdestEstimate the power spectral density from a list of ESM runs
read.generalRead ESM netCDF data for arbitrary variables
read_globalAvgRead in global average temperature time series
read.precipitationsRead ESM precipitation data
read.temperaturesRead ESM temperature data
readtgavRead and format global mean temperature
reconst_fieldsReconstitute temperature fields
saving_and_restoringLoad and save emulator training data
split_eofSplit an EOF structure made of multiple time series into a...
splitGridsSplit a concatenated griddata object into its constituent...
splitGrids.generalSplit a concatenated griddata object into its constituent...
trainTrain the emulator on a set of input ESM data.
trainTPTrain the emulator on a set of input ESM temperature and...
unnormalize.residsunNormalize residuals
write.temperatureWrite a temperature field as a netcdf file.
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