Man pages for JGCRI/rgis
R-based Geographic Information System (GIS) utilities

add_area_fieldAdd and calculate an area field for polygon sf objects
build_fishnetBuild a vector polygon fishnet from reference object bounds...
grid_to_zone_fractionCreate fractional area of NetCDF grid cells to corresponding...
import_ncdf_to_rasterImport NetCDF to brick raster
import_points_from_csvImport point data from a CSV file
import_rasterCreate a raster object from a file path
import_shapefileCreate an sf object from a shapefile
ncdf_to_csvConvert NetCDF file to a CSV
polygon_bounding_boxCreate a spatial polygon bounding box sf object
polygon_to_rasterCreate a raster from a polygon sf object
raster_to_polygonCreate a polygon sf object from a raster
rgisrgis: R-based Geographic Information System (GIS) utilities
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