Man pages for JSSpaulding/rgeoprofile
Geographic Profiling Methods for Serial Crime Analysis

cgt_profileCriminal Geographic Targeting Model for Geographic Profiling...
cmd_predCalculation of Center of Minimum Distance for Geographic...
desalvoIncidents from the Boston Strangler Case (Albert DeSalvo)
geom_mean_predCalculation of Geometric Mean for Geographic Profiling
harm_mean_predCalculation of Harmonic Mean for Geographic Profiling
linear_profileCrimeStat Linear Model for Geographic Profiling
lognorm_profileCrimeStat Lognormal Model for Geographic Profiling
neg_exp_profileNegative Exponential Model for Geographic Profiling
norm_profileCrimeStat Normal Model for Geographic Profiling
trun_neg_exp_profileCrimeStat Truncated Negative Exponential Model for Geographic...
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