Man pages for JVAdams/jvamisc
A Collection of Utility Functions

addedvarAdded Variable Plots of Predictors
addhistAdd a Marginal Histogram
AICcComparison of Models using Akaike Information Criterion
allcombsAll Combinations
assignReviewerAssign Reviewers to Papers
bcpCIBias-Corrected Percentile Confidence Interval
binomCIBinomial Confidence Interval
blindcolzColor-blind Friendly Colors
brewcolAssign Colors to Collection of Values Using Color Brewer
calcr2Coefficient of Determination
capwordsCapitalize Words
char2numConvert Character to Numeric
cheatCheat Sheet
chiChi-Squared Test
CIConfidence Interval of Mean
cleanupQuick Clean Up
colrCreate a Range of Colors
combLevelCombine Levels
coordflipFlip Coordinates
coordmoveMove Coordinates
coordplotPlot Coordinates
coordtriDetermine Third Coordinate of Triangle
coordturnRotate Coordinates
countiesUnited States County Boundaries Map
dfclipRead Data Frame from Clipboard
doyDay of Year
drawcellDraw Table Cell
fillFill in Missing Values
fill0Fill in Missing Rows with Zeroes
firstIdentify the First Elements of Series of Repeated Values
formatdfFormat a Data Frame
getpkgsGet Packages
inrangeIn Range
jvamiscA Collection of Utility Functions
jvamiscenvjvamisc Package Local Environment
jvanamesFormat Names
jvatreeCross Validated Tree Model
kstestKolmogorov-Smirnov Test
LakeabbsGreat Lakes Abbreviations
LakenamesGreat Lakes Names
lastIdentify the Last Elements of Series of Repeated Values
latlong2Convert Latitude and Longitude to US State or County
llsList All Members of an Environment.
map5Great Lakes Basin Shoreline
mapLGreat Lakes Shorelines
mapSMRSt. Marys River Shoreline
matrixtrimTrim Matrix
modecontinMode of Continuous Variable
mrcEstimates from Mark-Recapture Studies
mytableCross Tabulation and Table Creation
numbers2wordsConvert Integers to Words
pkginInstall a Package
pkgmanCopy a Package Manual
pkgupDocument a Package
plotblankCreate a Blank Plot
plotcorPlot a Matrix of Correlations
plotdfPlot Data Frame
plotmatrixPlot a Matrix as a Table with Colored Cells
predAntilogUnbiased Prediction of Log Transformed Response on Original...
prettylogPretty Breakpoints on Log Scale
prettytablePrettify the Numeric Columns of a Table
primKeyPrimary Key
ratestRatio Estimation
recodeRecode Values
segregSegmented Regression
shadepolyAdd Shaded Polygon to Plot
showmarksShow Marks
statesUnited States State Boundaries Map
stringinFind a String in a Character Vector
trimspaceTrim Whitespace
tweetheadTweet Headlines
upper2fullConvert Upper Triangular Matrix to Full Matrix
wedgesAdd Wedge-Shaped Line Segments to a Plot
xCitationsExtract Citations from Text
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