Man pages for JWiley/postMCMCglmm
Average marginal predicted probabilities from Bayesian ordered probit models

extractEffectsInternal function to extract the fixed or random effects from...
fixef.MCMCglmmExtract fixed effects from an 'MCMCglmm' object
jointPosteriorPlot the joint posterior from an MCMC
paramNamesMCMCglmmExtract the parameter names from an 'MCMCglmm' object
postMCMCglmmPost Estimation for MCMCglmm
predict2Define a generic prediction function
print.postMCMCglmmREPrint method for extracted random effects (as standard...
ranefLevelsExtract the levels of factors used for random effects in...
ranef.MCMCglmmExtract random effects from an 'MCMCglmm' object
recyclerCalculate change in predicted probabilities
stdranefExtract standard deviation of "random" effects from an...
summary.MCMCglmmPredictedLPSummary method for MCMCglmm predicted values
summary.MCMCglmmPredictedProbsSummary method for MCMCglmm predicted probabilities
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