Man pages for JackEdTaylor/LexOPS
A Package and Shiny App for Generating Matched Stimuli

box_visGenerate a box's visualisation
box_vis.question_marksGenerate a question mark plot
citation_tableGenerate a citation
cite_designGenerate a citation
control_forControl for confounding variables.
control_for_eucControl for Euclidean distance in several numeric variables
control_for_mapControl for confounding variables via a function.
euc_distsCalculate a word's Euclidean distance from other words
generateGenerate stimuli
get_box_colourGet a box type's colour
lexopsLexOPS' inbuilt variables
long_formatConvert to long format
match_itemGet suitable matches for a single item on one or several...
match_wordAn outdated wrapper for match_item()
parse_elipsisA non-standard evaluation parser for elipses
parse_levelsA non-standard evaluation parser
pipePipe operator
plot_designPlot the generated stimuli's design
plot_iterationsPlot the cumulative frequency of stimuli generated
plot_samplePlot how well the stimuli represent the underlying population...
prependPrepend a Vector
prepend_listPrepend a List
run_shinyRun the LeXOPS Shiny App
sensible_slider_valsGet sensible slider values
set_optionsSet options for generating stimuli.
split_byAdd a split to the data.
split_randomAdd a random split to the data.
var_to_measureConvert a variable name to its measure
var_to_sourceConvert a variable name to APA citation
var_to_urlConvert a variable name to a url reference.
walrusWalrus operator
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