Man pages for JackStat/CompPack
Collection of Computational Statistic Tools

annealuphill search on fucntion
aroundFind the Values Around a Particular Value
CompPackA collection of Computational Statistic Functions.
cvscoreCross Validation
cvscore1Cross Validation-Linear Model
cvscore2Cross Validation-Quadratic Model
cvscore3Cross Validation-Cubic Model
cvscore4Cross Validation-4th Degree Polynomial
cvscore5Cross Validation-5th Degree Polynomial
d1fFirst Derivative
dfSecond Derivative
em.mixnormEM-Algorithm for Normal Distribution
f.modelsf models
gold.sectGolden Section Search Optimization
grid.sectGrid Section Search Optimization
jackknifeResamples Data using the Jackknife Method
log.likFind the log likelihood of a normal distribution
maxboundMaxbound Optimization
mcGenerate Markov Chains
mixnormCreate a Mixture of Normal Distributions
nearestFind the Nearest Value
nearest.locFind Location of Nearest Value
newton.raphNewton Raphson Alogorithm
onedfunctionx^4 + x^2
plot.mcPlot Markov Chains
pois.rateAverage Time Between Events in a Poisson Process
polar.rnormPolar Random Normal
rand.expGenerate Random Exponential Variables
rand.mvnormGenerate Multivariate Normal Distribution
rand.normGenerate Random Normal Variables
rand.unifGenerate Random Uniform Variables
rand.weibGenerate Random Weibull Variables
tpowerEvaluate Power for a One Sample T-test.
tpower.dataMatrix of p-values from the tpower function
twodranduphilluphill search on matrix function
update.CompPackUpdate CompPack
wich.hillWichman-Hill Random Number Generator
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