Man pages for JackStat/WeibFit
Estimate Weibull Parameters

beta.ciCompute Confidence Intervals for Beta
cdtDr. Egger's Weibull Dataset
df2.betaCompute the Value of the 2nd Derivative of Beta
df2.beta.thetaCompute the Cross Partial of Weibull's Theta and Beta.
df2.thetaCompute the Value for the Second Derivative of Theta
df.betaCompute the Slope of Beta at a Point
FisherCompute Fisher's Information Matrix
LLCompute the Log Likelihood of the Weibull Distribution
lrCompute the Likelihood-Ratio test for a Weibull Distribution
med.survCompute Median Survival
newton.raphNewton Raphson Alogorithm
theta.ciCompute Confidence Intervals for Theta
weib.fitEstimate Parameters of a Weibull Distribution
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