Man pages for JackStat/cfb
Collection of functions for manipulating college football data

APPollScrape AP Poll from ESPN
cfb-packageCollection of College Football scrapers and cleaners
cleanPlayersClean Player Names
cleanScorescleans Scores from NCAA scrape
cleanTextclean text from NCAA scrape
coachesPollScrape ESPN Coaches Poll
ESPNcalendarESPN calendar
ESPNGETPulls in all schedule pages for all teams
ESPNpbpScrape ESPN pbp json.
ESPNResultsScrape ESPN Game Results.
ESPNScheduleScrape ESPN Schedules
makeTimeCreate Timestamp from ESPN page
NCAAboxscoreScrape NCAA boxscore json files.
NCAApbpScrape NCAA json files.
NCAAscoreboardScrape NCAA scoreboard
NCAAscoringSummaryScrape NCAA scoringSummary
NCAAteamStatsScrape NCAA team stats
ParseDriveParse Drive Details from NCAA scrape
ParseFGFind and Parse Field Goal
ParseFumbleFind and Parse Fumbles
ParseIncParse incomplete passes from NCAA scrape
ParseInterceptionFind and Parse Interceptions
ParseKickFind and Parse Kicks
ParsePassParse passes from NCAA scrape
ParsePenaltyIdentify No Plays
ParsePuntFind and Parse Kicks
ParseRushParse Rushing Attempts from NCAA scrape
ParseTouchdownIdentify touchdowns
PlayerRegex1 stop spot for player regex
scrapeSagarinPull in Sagarin's Ratings
trimtrim Trim leading and trailing spaces
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