Man pages for JamesDalrymple/wccmh
Washtenaw County CMH Misc

closure_cutInterval Closure Classification
cmh_colorsWCCMH colors
convenience_stringsstring convenience functions
date_functionsWCCMH date functions
ex_overlapOverlap Example Dataset
fb_dataFunding Bucket Data
file_utilityWCCMH file utility functions
fiscalfiscal functions
fund_functionsWCCMH fund functions
grapes-nin-grapes"Not in" for inverse value matching
hosp_functionsWCCMH hospital functions
losLength of Stay
messagesPretty print messages convenience
mgsubMultiple gsub Replacement
moneyMoney Functions
nameRDSRDS shortcuts
overlap_functionsWCCMH admission functions
parity_functionsEven/Odd (Parity) Functions
p_callCall Holder for Function-Creation
pkg_loaderAuto Package Loader
read.fbFB file reader
recode_stringString recoding
team_functionsWCCMH team functions
tsubstringtsubstring and transpose the resulting list efficiently
wordWCCMH word functions
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