Man pages for Japal/zCompositions
Treatment of Zeros and Nondetects in Compositional Data Sets

cmultReplBayesian-Multiplicative replacement of count zeros
lcTestLog-contrast homogeneity test
LPdataLa Paloma data set
lrDALog-ratio DA algorithm
lrEMLog-ratio EM algorithm
mdlWater data set: matrix of limits of detection
multKMMultiplicative Kaplan-Meier smoothing spline (KMSS)...
multLNMultiplicative lognormal replacement
multReplMultiplicative simple replacement
PigsPigs data set
splineKMDisplay Kaplan-Meier empirical cumulative distribution...
WaterWater data set
zCompositions-packageTreatment of zeros and nondetects in compositional data sets
zPatternsFind and display patterns of zeros or unobserved values in a...
zVarArrayVariation array for grouped data
zVarArrayErrorVariation array relative error
zVarArrayTestVariation array homogeneity test
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