Man pages for JasperHG90/blm
Bayesian linear model

blmCreate a blm object
blm_setupInitial setup for blm package.
blmsimGenerate a dataset with normal variables and outcome for...
chainSet up a single chain to pass onto an MCMC sampler
compute_null_modelCompute the intercept-only model for comparison purposes
containsCheck if a list / object contains a value
delete_posteriorRemove the posterior samples from a blm object.
directorsCompensation of 336 independent directors in S&P500 firms
draw_valueDraw a value from a prior distribution
evaluate_accepted_drawsView the number of accepted posterior draws for each...
evaluate_convergence_diagnosticsPrint diagnostics
evaluate_effective_sample_sizeCalculate the effective sample size
evaluate_hypothesesEvaluate hypotheses specified by the user
evaluate_model_BFEvaluate the model Bayes Factor
evaluate_model_fitAssess blm model fit
evaluate_ppcSet up posterior predictive checks
evaluate_ppdEvaluate the posterior predictive distributions for each...
evaluate_R2Calculate the Bayesian R-squared value
get_parameter_namesRetrieve mapping from variable to parameter names
get_posterior_samplesRetrieve the posterior samples as a data frame from a blm...
get_valueGet a value from an S3 object
homoskedast_checkCheck a posterior sample for homoskedasticity assumption
hypothesisPass a hypothesis and parse it. THen return object of class...
independence_checkCheck a posterior sample for independence of errors...
normality_checkCheck a posterior sample for normality assumption
norm_of_errors_checkCheck a posterior sample for the assumption that errors are...
plot.blmPlot a blm object
plot.ppcPlot posterior predictive samples
posteriorSets up posterior class used to store posterior samples
priorSets up a prior class
priorsPriors class
sample_posteriorSample the posterior distribution
samplerSets up a sampler class
set_hypothesisAdd a hypothesis to a blm model
set_initial_valuesSet initial values for a chain
set_priorChange priors for available parameters
set_samplerUpdate the sampler used for a specific variable
set_sampling_optionsSet sampling options on a blm object
set_valueSet a value for an S3 object
summary.DICSummary method for DIC
theme_blmCustom theme for blm plots
update_posteriorDraw more samples from a sampled posterior distribution.
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