Man pages for JianhuaHuang/streamit
Streamline Routine Modeling Work

bin.autoBin numeric variables using 'bin.rpart' and 'bin.custom'...
bin.customGenerate bins based on given cut points
bin.knnBin numerical variables based on KNN
bin.rpartBin numerical values based on recursive partitioning (rpart)
coef2rateConvert coefficient to rates
display.colDisplay the color options for ggplot
display.pchDisplay some frequently-used point shapes for ggplot
ggcorrGenerate the ggplot for a correlation matrix
ggdistrPlot the distribution (geom_histogram) of each column in the...
ggstatGenerate a ggplot for the statistics in different levels...
level.statStatistics for binary outputs in different levels and...
perf.aucCheck GLM or survival model performance based on AUC
perf.decileCheck model performance based on predicated and actual rates
replace.woereplace original levels with Weight of Evidence (WOE)
summary_dfGet the summary of data, which includes Column_Name,...
theme_simplea classic simple theme with x and y axis
theme_wsA theme like Wall Street Journal figures
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