Man pages for JimSkinner/spca
Structured PCA

cov.RQRational quadratic covariance function
cov.RQ.beta0Computationally cheap estimate for beta0 for cov.RQ.
cov.RQ.dRational quadratic covariance function derivatives wrt...
cov.SESquared exponential covariance function
cov.SE.beta0Computationally cheap estimate for beta0 for cov.SE.
cov.SE.dSquared exponential covariance function derivatives wrt...
min.f.generatorValue and gradient of function to be minimized in tuning beta
predict.stpcaDe-noise a sample using a trained 'stpca' object.
stpcaPerforms StPCA
stpca.HCompute all the blocks of H.
stpca.H.WCompute all the w_i blocks of H
stpca.initInitialises an stpca object.
stpca.iterateContinue inference in an stpca object.
stpca.log_bayes_factorCompute bayes factor
stpca.log_evidenceCompute the laplace approximation to the log evidence given...
stpca.log_likelihoodCalculate the log likelihood for StPCA with given parameters
stpca.log_posteriorCalculate the *un-normalised* log posterior for StPCA with...
stpca.log_priorCalculate the *un-normalised* log prior for StPCA with given...
synthesize_dataSynthesize fake data from StPCA model
synthesize_data_kernSynthesize fake data from StPCA model
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