ring_app_launch: Run Shiny-based Application

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Run a Shiny-based application within the system's default web browser.


ring_app_launch(launch.browser = TRUE)



A logical value. If FALSE, a built-in browser will be launched automatically after the app is started. If TRUE, the system's default web browser is used instead. This argument only works for RStudio. See details below.


launch.browser = FALSE is not recommended, as the file renaming does not work on the RStudio built-in browser when saving the data.

A workflow for the Shiny app can be found here: https://ropensci.github.io/MtreeRing/articles/app-MtreeRing.html. Most steps are demonstrated with a gif to make the workflow more understandable.

To stop the app, go to the R console and press the Escape key. You can also click the stop sign icon in the upper right corner of the RStudio console.


Jingning Shi, Wei Xiang

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