Man pages for Jkassof/rspotify
R Client for Spotify web API

chunkVector chunking
getAlbumGet Album Info
getAlbumTracksGet tracks for an album
getArtistGet Spotify catalog information for a single artist
getArtistAlbumsGet artist's albums
getNewAlbumsGet Featured New Albums
getPlaylistTracksGet tracks from a playlist
getRelatedArtistsGet related artists
getTopTracksGet top tracks of an artist
getTrackGet a Track
getTrackFeaturesGet track features
getUserGet basic info of an User
parseAlbumParse album object
parseArtistParse artist object
parseFeaturesParse audio features object
parseFullTrackParse full tracks object
parsePlaylistParse playlist object
parseShortTrackParse simplified track object
searchAlbumsSearch for albums
searchArtistsSearch for artists
searchPlaylistSearch for playlists
spotifyConnectAdd spotify token to environment
spotifyOAuthCreate OAuth token to access Spotify web API
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