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Miscellaneous Hilgard Convenience Functions

fix_pFix a p-value to APA style
fuseFuse cell means and pool SDs to turn a many cells into two...
numformatFormat a number bounded on -1, 1 for APA style
partial_etasqReport partial eta-squared given sums of squares
pool.sdPool standard deviations
r.CIFetch confidence interval given a Pearson r.
report_fReport an F-test
report_ktReport the Kruskal test of medians
report_LRReport manually-made likelihood-ratio chisq-test
report_LRchisqReport a likelihood-ratio chisq-test
report_tReport a t-value from a regression model
report_t.lmerReport a t-test from an lmer model
report_zReport a z-test from a logistic regression model
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