Man pages for JohannesFriedrich/senseBox
senseBox API wrapper

get_senseBox_archiveGet archived data from a senseBox
get_senseBox_dataGet measurement data from a senseBox
get_senseBox_IdsList all senseBoxIds
get_senseBox_infoGet info about one senseBox
get_senseBox_locationGet name, longitude and latitude of the submitted senseBoxId
get_senseBox_sensor_IdsGet sensor Ids from senseBoxId
get_senseBox_sensor_infoGet info (Ids) from sensors of a senseBox
get_senseBox_statsGet statistics about senseBox project
parse_senseBoxDataConstruct a senseBox data.frame
search_senseBoxSearch senseBoxes with special phenomenas, dates, exposures,...
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