R code with embedded SQL to extract code from the PacFIN database (

You will need my toolbox installed:

You will also need ODBC properly setup for the RODBC package in Windows or ROracle (default for non-Windows).

See the code in JRWToolBox::import.sql()

To not be prompted for your username and password first set:

 UID <- "username"
 PWD <- "myPacFIN password"

Thanks to my rgit package's sourceFunctionURL(), neither PacFIN.Catch.Extraction() nor the wrapper function PacFIN.Catch.Import() need my toolbox package installed:

PacFIN.Petrale.Catch.List.8.Oct.2020 <- PacFIN.Catch.Extraction("('PTRL', 'PTR1')")
PacFIN.Petrale.Catch.List.8.Oct.2020 <- PacFIN.Catch.Extraction("('PTRL', 'PTR1')", verbose = FALSE)

PacFIN.Catch.Import(returnCode = TRUE)  # View the PacFIN.Catch.Extraction() function 
PacFIN.Catch.Extraction <- PacFIN.Catch.Import(returnCode = TRUE)  # Save the PacFIN.Catch.Extraction() function
PacFIN.Petrale.Catch.List.8.Oct.2020 <- PacFIN.Catch.Import("('PTRL', 'PTR1')")  # Run the function()

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