Man pages for JohnCoene/oRion
Integrate R & Cheetah Mobile Orion

createAdCreate an ad
createAdsetCreate an adset
createAudienceCreate an audience targeting template
createCampaignCreate a campaign.
createImageUpload an image
createObjectCreate any object
deleteAdDelete an ad
deleteAdsetDelete an adset
deleteAudienceDelete an audience targeting template
deleteCampaignDelete a campaign
deleteObjectDelete any object
dictBehaviourList available behaviours
dictCityList valid cities
dictCountryList valid countries
dictDeviceList valid device models
dictInterestList available interests
dictLanguageList valid languages
dictOSList valid OS versions
dictStateList valid states
getReportGet data
helpersGet the settings right
listAdsList ads
listAdsetsList adsets
listAudiencesList audience targeting templates
listCampaignsList campaigns
listImagesList images
listObjectsList any object
mapVisualise your account
oRion'oRion' Integrate R and Orion.
showAdShow an ad settings
showAdsetShow an adset settings
showAdsetAudienceShow an adset audience targeting template
showAudienceShow an audience targeting template
showCampaignShow a campaign settings
showObjectShow any object settings
updateAdUpdate an ad
updateAdsetUpdate an adset
updateAudienceUpdate an audience targeting template
updateCampaignUpdate a campaign
updateObjectUpdate any object
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