Man pages for JonasRieger/ldaPrototype
Prototype of Multiple Latent Dirichlet Allocation Runs

as.LDABatchLDABatch Constructor
as.LDARepLDARep Constructor
dendTopicsTopic Dendrogram
getJobGetter and Setter for LDARep and LDABatch
getPrototypeDetermine the Prototype LDA
getSCLOPGetter for PrototypeLDA
getSimilarityGetter for TopicSimilarity
getTopicsGetter for LDA
jaccardTopicsPairwise Jaccard Coefficients
LDABatchLDA Replications on a Batch System
LDAPrototypeDetermine the Prototype LDA
ldaPrototype-packageldaPrototype: Prototype of Multiple Latent Dirichlet...
LDARepLDA Replications
mergeBatchTopicsMerge LDA Topic Matrices
mergeRepTopicsMerge LDA Topic Matrices
mergeTopicsMerge LDA Topic Matrices
pruneSCLOPLocal Pruning State of Topic Dendrograms
reutersA Snippet of the Reuters Dataset
SCLOPSimilarity/Stability of multiple sets of Objects using...
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