Man pages for JonnoB/PowerGridNetworking
Power-grid network simulation in R

AdaptiveStrategyAttackMake Strategy Adaptive
AttackTheGridInitiate power-grid attack simulation
BalencedGenDemBalance Power network
CalcOverLimitFind which edges are over the limit
CascadeCalculate the effects of a cascade
Components_differFind components of a graph that have changed Find components...
CreateSubgraphCreate Subgraph
CreateTransmissionCreate Transmission Network
ElectricalCentralityElectrical Edge Centrality
ElectricalDistanceElectrical Distance
EntropicDegreeDntropic Degree
ExtendAttackExtend Attack
ExtendMulltiAttackExtend Multi-Attack
ExtractAttackStatsExtracts Attack stats from saved
ExtractNetworkStatsSummarise attack Statistics
FixedStrategyAttackFlexible Removal method
GenerateAttackOrderGenerate Attack order in multiple simulations
ImpPTDFCreate Impedance matrix and PTDF
LinePropertiesMatrixCreate the line Properties matrix
LoadLevelGet load level of power-grid Calculates the fraction of...
MultiAttackOrderGenerate a dataframe of deletion orders
NetworkStatsNetworkStats Creates summary statistics of the network
NextAttackSimulationFind the next attack simulation to be run
NodePairsNode pairs
PowerFlowCalculate DC power flow
Proportional_LoadCreate proportional loading line limits
RandomAttackGenerate a random attack order
RemoveDeadEndsRemove Dead Ends
RoundRemovedFind Deletion order
RoundTypeRemovedRound Removed and Type of Removal
SaveMultiAttacksSave attack simulations to folder
SummariseMultiAttackSummarise Multi-Attack
union2Merge two graphs
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